Where do our guests sit in the stadium?

  • Inside the Stadium:
    • The Seminole Ticket Office has not assigned us a seating section yet, but it will probably be Section 118.
    • Last year, our guests’ seats were in Section 118 with us; we will update this page ASAP as soon as we know where they put the MCA and where they put our guests.
    • We will mark the areas of the section where the MCA playing members will sit, apart from our guests.

Look for Sections 118 on this Doak Campbell Stadium Section Map: 

Doak Stadium Map

  • PLEASE NOTE: Our guests cannot sit on our side of the seating block!!
    • Our seating block area is only for MCA members wearing the required uniform with the 2018 name badge, to ensure that there is enough room for our members  AND instruments.
    • DO NOT try to smuggle your guests into our area of the section, into the MCA seating block!
    • If you do, we will pull YOU and your non-MCA guest(s) from the seating block. PLEASE DO NOT PUT US IN THAT POSITION!
      • You will lose your 2018 name badge and will not be allowed to return to the MCA seating block.
      • There will be no exceptions. These rules were set by the University and we must comply with them.
    • In addition to your $60 HC registration fee, you may purchase a $20 game ticket for yourself in the guest area of the section if you want to sit with your guests.
    • Each guest will have a game ticket with an assigned row & seat, like any other game ticket, so you can’t just squeeze in.