Where do our guests sit in the stadium?

  • Inside the Stadium:
  • Our guests’ seats are in Section 118, with us, but we will mark the areas of the section where the MCA playing members will sit, apart from our guests.

Look for Sections 118 on this Doak Campbell Stadium Section Map: 

Doak Stadium Map

  • PLEASE NOTE: Our guests cannot sit on our side of the seating block!!
    • Our seating block area is only for MCA members wearing the required uniform with the 2017 name badge, to ensure that there is enough room for our members  AND instruments.
    • DO NOT try to smuggle your guests into our area of the section, into the MCA seating block!
    • If you do, we will pull YOU and your non-MCA guest(s) from the seating block. PLEASE DO NOT PUT US IN THAT POSITION!
      • You will lose your 2017 name badge and will not be allowed to return to the MCA seating block.
      • There will be no exceptions. These rules were set by the University and we must comply with them.
    • In addition to your $50 HC registration fee, you may purchase a $10 game ticket for yourself in the guest area of the section if you want to sit with your guests.
    • Each guest will have a game ticket with an assigned row & seat, like any other game ticket, so you can’t just squeeze in.