What if I miss the deadline?


The 2017 FSUMCA HOMECOMING REGISTRATION DEADLINE is Sunday, November 5, at 11:59 pm!!!

If you miss the deadline:

  • You cannot register/pay online.
  • You must pay a $30 late registration fee.
  • You canNOT order guest tailgate or game tickets.
  • You cannot reserve large instruments. 
  • You cannot order the REQUIRED uniform polo. 
    • You will not be able to enter the stadium, go into the MCA seating block, or march on the field witbout it.
    • You may still register late, but you must already have a uniform shirt, or take your chances at packet pick-up (no guarantee that any will be available by then).


Please go to the "How do I register after the deadline?" FAQ to learn how to complete late registration.