How do we (MCA members) get over to the stadium, and where do we sit?

**SEE ALSO: “What do we wear to the game?” for more information about our REQUIRED UNIFORM for entering the stadium/sitting in the MCA seating block.

  • Marching over to the stadium:
    • After Skull Session (baseball stadium), we line up in a block on the baseball field directly behind Chiefs (MCA members only, not guests; see below for entry/seating for our guests).
    • We follow the Chiefs through the back gate of the baseball complex and over to the stadium.
      • PLEASE NOTE: Our MCA block must stay directly behind the Chiefs to keep the path to the stadium clear.
  • Entering the stadium:
    • We go through the gate right behind the Chiefs.
    • Once inside the stadium, we DO NOT follow the Chiefs to their section.
    • A route to our seating block will be clearly marked.
  • MCA Seating Block:
    • Our seating block will probably be Section 118, two sections to the right of Chiefs, but the Seminole ticket Office may change this - will update ASAP.
      • We will go to the rows marked for our instrument sections and be seated.
      • This allows everyone to be seated quickly so we don’t waste time standing in the aisles before Pre-Game.
      • After we are seated, we can move around as space allows.
      • Look for Section 118 on this Doak Campbell Stadium Section Map: 

Doak Stadium Map

PLEASE NOTE: Our guests cannot sit in the FSUMCA seating block.