• Where can I find details about where to register for Homecoming, where to purchase Guest Football and tailgate tickets, the Homecoming uniform, the schedule, music, instrument check-out, the clear bag policy, and parking?
  • Can I register for Homecoming after September 11?
    • No. Once registration is closed, we cannot accept any late registrations.
  • What do I do if I registered for Homecoming and can no longer attend?
  • Is there a deadline to purchase Guest Football tickets?
    • Yes, the deadline was September 14.
  • How will I receive my Guest Football tickets?
    • You will purchase your guest football tickets directly through the FSU Athletic Ticket Office, and the tickets will be sent to you directly via print-at-home tickets.
  • Can I have my guest(s) sit with another MCA member’s guest(s)?
    • If you have already purchased your guest football tickets, please call the Ticket Office at 850-644-1830, and see if they are able to coordinate your seats.
  • I am physically limited or unable to march. Do I have any options to be able to participate in the on-field performances and the stands?
    • Yes, and we will attempt to make reasonable accommodations for accessibility on field and in the stands for those that want to participate and play but are limited in their physical ability to march. 
    • After registering, please email us at [email protected] so we can ensure that these accommodations are met.
  • I don’t want to sit in the MCA block, play in the stands, nor march. I only want to attend the MCA Tailgate party. Is that possible?
    • Yes. You may purchase a “Guest Tailgate ticket” through the EventBrite link. 
      • Be sure to include your name on all tickets and the FSUMCA Member that will be picking up the wristband(s) at packet pick-up. 
    • Note: If you are planning to sit in the FSUMCA block, play in the stands, and/or play on the field for pregame/halftime, you MUST purchase a full registration (Early Bird or Regular). 
  • I received an email from EventBrite with a QR code that says it’s my ticket. Is it really my ticket?
    • No, you will need to pick up your registration packet on Friday, September 30 in order to participate. 
    • Your registration packet will include your name tag, any guest tailgate tickets, and other relevant information.


Packet Pick-Up and Instrument Check-Out

  • When and where is the location to pick up my packet on Friday, September 30?
    • 4pm-6pm at Chiefs Field on FSU’s campus. Please look for the tents. 
  • When and where is the location to check out an instrument (if applicable)?
    • During packet pick-up, please confirm what instrument you need to check out.
    • On the morning of Game Day, instrument check-out will be at the Chiefs field storage building.
  • What do I do if I can’t make the Friday night packet pick-up time?
    • If you are not able to make the packet pick-up time, we highly encourage you to have someone pick up your packet for you. There will be very limited packet/instrument pick-up available at Chiefs Field on Saturday morning.
    • Instruments must be picked up by the registered Marching Chiefs alumni member.



  • I’m super excited that black pants, shorts, or capris are part of the uniform for musicians this year. Can I wear my black yoga pants?
    • Unfortunately, no. Only slack-style pants, shorts, or capris will be allowed.
    • NO denim/jeans, athletic wear, bike shorts, athletic shorts, yoga pants, or leggings will be permitted.
  • The new FSUMCA logo is really cool and those new Majorette Uniform shirts are awesome! Does this mean we’re all going to have to buy new polos/shirts?
    • Short answer: not at this time.
    • Longer answer: You may purchase a polo with the new logo or new Majorette Uniform shirt if you would like, but we are not requiring participants to do so at this time. We do not have a time frame for transitioning the uniform to include the new designs.
    • Please note the following:
      • Any polo that says FSUMCA will be allowed to be worn as part of the uniform. If you are a non-Feature Twirler majorette, any garnet uniform shirt that says Marching Chiefs Alumni Majorettes will be allowed to be worn as part of the uniform.
      • Polos with FSUBAA and/or the “running Chief” will not be accepted and you will not be allowed to be included in the MCA block, enter the stadium, play in the stands, or march.
      • FSUMCA polos, Color Guard Uniform shirts, and Majorette Uniform shirts will not be available for sale at packet pick-up nor the day of Homecoming. The last day to purchase your polo is September 18, 2022.
  • I can’t come to Homecoming this year. May I purchase a polo or Color Guard/Majorette Uniform shirt and have it sent to me?
    • Yes. 
    • Procedures:
      • Place your order through the Uniform shirt ordering link on the FSUMCA homecoming website.
        • ALL orders through the MCA Uniform store will be available at Homecoming packet pick-up. Orders will NOT be shipped to your home directly.
      • You may have a friend pick up your shirt from packet-pick up if you would like.
      • Otherwise, please send an email to us at [email protected] indicating that you are not attending Homecoming and would like to have the polo/shirt shipped to you.
      • Note there will be a separate shipping fee that will need to be paid to the MCA Board volunteer that will be sending the shirt order out.
      • Following Homecoming, we will reach out to the contact listed on the order to arrange for payment for shipping and to confirm the shipping address.



  • Will there be vegetarian options at the tailgate?
    • Yes. The menu is subject to change, but at this time, the vegetarian options are baked beans (you heard right, no meat in the beans), coleslaw, hearty salad with dressing (there will be lots of veggies in there, not just leafy greens), and a vegetarian pasta. 
  • Will there be non-alcoholic options at the tailgate?
    • Yes. Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, sweet tea, lemonade, and water will be available.


Game Day

  • Will you all be providing parking for alumni members?
  • Where is the MCA sitting in the stadium? Is it next to the current Marching Chiefs?
    • Section 118, and unfortunately no. Marching Chiefs are now located in Section 1.
    • We are fortunate that our Athletic department allows us to participate in Homecoming and provides us with seats in Section 118 and at a discounted rate. It is currently not in our control where we sit.
  • Can I bring my instrument case with me into the stadium?
    • Per the FSU Athletic Department, instrument cases will not be allowed at all into the stadium, and the FSUMCA will not be providing case storage.
  • I’m a woodwind. What do we do with our instruments if it rains?
    • In the event of inclement weather, we may be able to request some space to store woodwind instruments.
    • This will be determined the week of Homecoming, and no guarantees can be made.



  • Can I get the music now to start practicing?
    • Yes. Please see the Homecoming website for the link to download and print the music: www.fsumca.com/homecoming_2022).
    • A YouTube playlist is also available for you to use while practicing.
  • Will there be music available at packet pick-up?
    • No. Please print your music ahead of Homecoming.

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