Homecoming 2017


Message from the Executive Director:

Hi! I hope this message finds you well. We had a rough couple months with hurricanes, but I hope everyone came through well.

Homecoming is almost here! I hope you’ve stopped to take the time and register for the event, but if you haven’t please take time and go to the MCA Homecoming Page (http://www.fsumca.com/hc_2017) and do so.

Don’t have a uniform polo yet? You can order your polo from the Uniform Page (http://www.fsumca.com/fsumca_uniform)

Have a question about Homecoming? Please check the FAQ for all your questions. (http://www.fsumca.com/2017_homecoming_faq)

I have great news! Chiefs has given us access to the Stand Tunes that they play during the season so we can play with them! I’ve taken the time this year to process all the files into PDFs that are “full size” for practicing at home and files that are “flip-folder” ready for Homecoming. Music has been posted here for you to download and print (http://www.fsumca.com/2017_hc_music). I ask that if you’re attending please go ahead and print your music ahead of time for Homecoming as we will have limited copies at Packet Pickup.

Lastly, I want to stop and thank everyone on the board and their volunteers for their help in getting us ready for Homecoming. These people attend meetings with FSU and vendors, get the stadium ready, get the music printed and do all those little things behind the scenes to make it easier for the membership to have a wonderful time for no money with also juggling their personal and professional lives. If you see a board member, please stop and say thanks. If you’re interested in helping this year, please contact Sena Finklea (sfinklea@comcast.net) There is always something that can be done.

I hope to see you at Packet Pickup on November 17.

MCATDT and Go Noles!!
Michael Staden




The deadline to register is Sunday, November 5, at 11:59 pm

Click Here to register:  





Homecoming 2017 is November 18, 2017 vs Delaware State.

If you have a question that is not answered on our FAQ page, please email us at fsumca@gmail.com.

Registration is now OPEN!!  Please click on the link below to register.  


Our MCA Store is now open.  Please visit the link to the store below to purchase the required Uniform Polo shirt.  We also have 100 stadium compliant, clear bags available to purchase as well.

The store password is:  fsumca


Please note: 

  • Orders must be placed by November 8th @ 5pm
  • Please select the In Store Pickup option when you place your order
  • No orders will be shipped, all orders will be delivered to the Field with Packet Pickup




The FSU Ticket Office and the FSU Boosters have set the following rules that we as an organization MUST follow:

  • Everyone must wear the official FSUMCA collared, polo shirt. (The FSUBAA shirts will not work anymore.)
  • Please wear khaki pants, shorts, capris, or skirt. No jeans or black pants. (Exception for Auxiliaries - please see below). 
  • Everyone must wear the official FSUMCA name badge.
  • Alumni Chiefs can march over. All guests must go in through a regular gate with their ticket.

If you do not follow these rules, you will be pulled out of the block and asked to go purchase a ticket from the FSU Ticket Office and go through another entrance. There will be no exceptions. These rules were set by the University and we must comply with them.


  • ALL AUXILIARY GROUPS must wear the official FSUMCA name badge.
  • MAJORETTES must wear the NEW Majorette Uniform Shirt (REQUIRED). 
  • COLOR GUARD and FEATURE TWIRLERS must wear the official FSUMCA collared uniform shirt (REQUIRED) to get into the stadium & sit in the MCA seating block.
    • The FSUBAA shirts will not work anymore.
  • FEATURE TWIRLERS: you may wear your individual outfits on the field, but you MUST be wearing the FSUMCA uniform shirt to get into the stadium!! 
    • These are the rules set by the Ticket Office so they can clearly see who is in the MCA as we enter the stadium, and who is not.
  • COLOR GUARD and MAJORETTES must wear BLACK pants, shorts, capris, or skirts (REQUIRED).
    • No jeans or khaki pants

To Purchase Uniform Polo shirt and stadium compliant Clear Bag, please visit the link below: 

The store password is:  fsumca




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