Official FSUMCA Uniform Info

FSUMCA Uniform Information:

  • To enter the stadium with the FSUMCA, you must have the the correct FSUMCA uniform shirt.
    • Otherwise, you will have to have a valid game ticket to enter the stadium.
  • To sit in the FSUMCA Seating Block and get onto the field to march, you must have the correct FSUMCA uniform shirt.
    • You cannot sit in the Block without the correct shirt, even if you have a valid game ticket.
  • Old FSUBAA shirts are NOT ALLOWED.
  • If you have an FSUMCA shirt, you do not have to order a new one.

FSUMCA Uniform Requirements:

  • Playing Members:  Garnet FSUMCA Uniform Shirt & Khaki pants, shorts, or capris.
  • Color Guard:          COLORGUARD Uniform Shirt (order link below) and Black pants, short, or capris.
  • Majorettes:            Majorette Uniform Shirt (order link belowand Black shorts.
  • Feature Twirlers:
    • Performance - appropriate performance attire.
    • To enter stadium/seating block - FSUMCA Uniform Shirt over performance attire or with Black pants, short, or capris.


To Purchase an official FSUMCA Uniform Polo shirt and/or stadium compliant Clear Bag, please visit the following link before October 8, 2018.

  • Shirt Order Deadline: October 8th @ 5pm
  • No orders will be shipped!!
    • Please select the In Store Pickup option when you place your order.
    • All orders will be delivered to the Field with Packet Pickup.


To Purchase an official Majorette Uniform shirt, please visit

  • Shirt Order Deadline: October 5th @ 5pm
  • ALL orders will be shipped!!
    • Please enter your address when you place your order.


Ordering the COLOR GUARD official shirt is a 2-step process.
ORDERING: please visit
(highlight link, click "open link")
PAYMENT: please email [email protected] for Paypal directions and put "Paypal Info Request" in the subject line.
  • Shirt Order/Payment Deadline: October 5th @ 5pm.
    • Your shirt will not be ordered until you make the payment.
    • Your shirt will be at PACKET PICK-UP on Friday at Chiefs Field from 4-6 pm.
    • Shirts WILL NOT BE SHIPPED if you are attending Homecoming!
  • If you are NOT attending Homecoming but ordered a shirt, it will be shipped AFTER HOMECOMING.

COLORGUARD must wear BLACK pants, shorts, capris, or skirt (REQUIRED).