Candace Rich

Candace Rich

Membership Committee Chair

FSU Class of 2000

Candace Rich was a student at FSU from 1994-2000, playing Flute/Piccolo with the Marching Chiefs 1994-1996. In Chiefs she served as a row leader and as a non-music major, she actively participated in Campus Band and was a sister of Tau Beta Sigma. Candace lives in Jacksonville with her husband and 2 active tween boys. She volunteers at the boy’s schools. She is very proactive searching for new ways to help integrate her oldest son into regular social situations and she’s proud of his accomplishments with therapy, from a non-verbal autistic toddler to a high-functioning autistic teen. Music has been an amazing therapy for her son and meeting Big-8 at skull-session was one of the most amazing experiences he has been fortunate to have.

Residence: Jacksonville, FL

Board Term: Fall 2020 - Fall 2023

You can email Candace Rich at [email protected].