Bill Helms

Bill Helms


FSU Class of 1966

Bill Helms majored in physics at FSU and played snare drum in Chiefs from 1962 through 1966. He also played in Symphonic Band and in Charlie's last live circus band (1964). Following graduation in 1966, Bill worked 35 years for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, where he was on the launch team for the Apollo lunar landings, designed and developed instrumentation for the Space Shuttle launch site, served on the Shuttle launch team, then returned to design and development to establish and manage the KSC Instrumentation Development Labs.

Bill played in the Melbourne Municipal Band, the Brevard Symphony, the Community Band of Brevard, and the Central Florida Winds. He also served as chairman of the Park Avenue School Board and president of the Alachua Astronomy Club. Bill is now retired, is still active in the Alachua Astronomy Club, and plays in the Gainesville Community Band.

Residence: Tallahassee, FL

Board Term: Fall 2018 - Fall 2022

You can email Bill Helms at [email protected].