2018 Board of Directors Elections

Good Evening Marching Chief Alumni:

I am writing to announce the results of the FSUMCA board of directors and executive director elections which took place last week. This election was quite the competition with so many people running for the board. It is great to see so many wanting to stay involved.

As the Executive Officer position was an unopposed position, please welcome Leslie Rutter Mille as our Associate Director of Activities. Leslie’s term will run Fall 2018–Fall 2021.

The Board of Director’s positions was a fierce battle with 7 people running for 4 positions. The results are:
Jeff Ketts re-elected;
Curtis Falany re-elected;
Bill Helms re-elected; and
Michael Resnick - newly elected.
These terms run from Fall 2018 – Fall 2022.
Congratulations to all.

As always, all members of the Alumni association are always welcome to attend board meetings held in the Spring and in the Fall. Also, volunteers are always welcome to help at any events being held, especially Homecoming.

Please keep a look out for posts from the board on the FSUMCA website and social media sites for upcoming events, especially this coming year. A lot is happening with the current Chiefs going to France and a big anniversary for us Alumni, 50 years of this great organization. So, this will be a busy year for all Chiefs, current and past.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the association at anytime at [email protected]

Bonna A. Larson
Chair of the Board of Directors
FSU Marching Chiefs Alumni